Achievements in July

The month of July was a hard one for me. I signed up for Phill's #July150 challenge, but on the last day of June I injured my ribs playing football. For the first 6 days of July I couldn't even ride the bike. It took me a while to get some miles in but my focus was getting the commuting miles in as it's those that pay for the bike.

I didn't beat any of my mileage targets for July but I'm not too disappointed.

I hit one of my weight loss targets, hitting 3 stone lost so far. I'm now actually 3 and a half stone lighter.

I failed to complete the #July150 but have signed up to Phill's new challenge of the #August150. You guessed it - 150 leisure miles in August. This time I think I can do it, even though I can't get on a bike for the first week as I'm on holiday.

Here are my cycling stats.

Leisure miles: 87.46
Commuting miles: 219.71
Total miles: 307.17
Total time: 24:45:47
Average speed: 12.4mph
Car miles reduced: 227.80


  1. Enjoy your holiday! I know I did last month. Any chance you can take the bike with you?

  2. I don't have a roof rack or bike rack so can't take it with me this time.

    I'll try and enjoy the time off but it's non-stop at the moment.

  3. Ditto enjoy ure holiday, good luck with the Aug 150 mate

  4. Go on, take my place, I'm not sure I'm even going to make it this month :D


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