30 days of biking 2016 - days 6, 7, 8 and 9

Day 6 and 7

Not much to report. I had to go to work so I rode to work and back each day. My son rode around the park one day and along a local cycle rout with his brother another day.

Day 8

My sons both rode with me to work. However, halfway there, the eldest was struggling so I told him to turn back and the youngest rode on with me. When we arrived in Bexhill we had breakfast at Subway. Afterwards he rode back to Eastbourne by himself. I live tracked him just to be sure he got home OK.

My kids on their bikes

When I got home I suggested to the boys that as it was a nice evening and their mother was out, we ride to the fish and chip shop for dinner. Once we picked up dinner we went to the local pond and sat eating our food. Afterwards we fed bread to the ducks.

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Day 9

After a number of miles the day before and with the weather not so nice, it was just a short ride out for the me and my youngest son.

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