30 days of biking 2016 - day 3

Today's ride was to be a little longer than yesterday's. With the sun shining we headed up the Cuckoo Trail for Hailsham. No dramas on the way there. After a break at the half-way point my son's foot slipped of the pedal due to mud on his shoe and he crashed to the ground. Nothing serious. A few little cuts and grazes.

A few miles later my son said his bike was making a noise. I pulled over to work out what the problem was and his front tyre was flat. I patched it but it didn't last. The tyres on his road bike are very tight to get on an off so I wasn't looking forward to taking it off again to swap out the tube. We were back on our bikes but only after me getting angry with the bike!

We headed back home via Morrisons as I had to get some shopping.

A ride that should have taken us no more than 90 mins was almost 2.5 hours in the end!

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