A year of centuries 4/12

The plan for April was to stay local and for the first time I would be riding with someone else. I would also be riding my new Giant Defy 0.

Having suffered from knee pain on the 3 previous centuries I bought some kinesiology tape in readiness for the pain that would surely come on ride number 4. For those that don't know what kinesiology tape is, it's a stretchy adhesive fabric tape that when applied to the skin relieves pressure on the muscles and can work as a pain reliever.

Because I was fitting my ride around a friend joining me I decided to keep my ride fairly local. I left my house at 7am and headed for Beachy Head. My plan was to do two loops of my Beachy Head training circuit before lunch.

The wind was south easterly so I had the wind behind me all the way to Beachy Head. I was taking it easy as I didn't want to push my knee too hard. It was pretty gusty at the summit but the descent was so fast. I couldn't resist pushing a little on the was down. I got to Birling Gap and stopped for a wee and refilled my water bottle. The next hour was uneventful and passing through Pevensey I stopped to use the loo again. I often don't drink enough and rarely stop for loo breaks so I was sort of pleased I was needing to stop regularly.

It wasn't long before I was headed back toward Beachy Head with the wind behind me. A nice tail wind is so satisfying. Again, I enjoyed that high speed descent down to Birling Gap.

After two complete laps and 48 miles I was back home and having an early lunch. I then text my friend to let him know I was leaving so he could time it right to meet me.

I was now heading into the wind. The ride from now on would be down to someone else so I didn't really know the route. We met up at Cooden Beach and immediately headed north. We we making use of little lanes to keep shelter to a maximum. It wasn't long before we headed back to the seafront. I used the loo again and checked my phone. One of my colleagues had text me to say he was having an issue with his bike. I told him to meet me on Hastings seafront as we'd be there in about 20 mins.

We headed along the seafront road to Hastings. When we got to Hastings Pier I met up with my colleague. I sorted his little problems and we headed for Rock-a-nore. The three of us stopped for a drink and a fresh doughnut. It wasn't long before we were back on our bikes again and we headed back along the seafront toward Bexhill. We parted company with my colleague and headed back to my friend's house in Bexhill. Another coffee and I was back on the bike but this time by myself.

I had enough miles done to ride all the way home. It was into the wind and slow but no knee pain so I was feeling good.

I got home with slightly numb hands and a slightly sore behind but feeling better than I have on other century rides this year.


  1. Knee pain is never good, I hope you feel better soon - have you checked the bike fit. Cleats etc?

  2. Hi Lisa, I got the pain having not changed anything on the bike. Getting a new bike I thought I got rid of the pain but it came back. I've just done a 100 mile mountain bike ride and no knee pain. We'll see if it's gone or if it rears its head again.


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