Dealing with weight loss: Part 2

When dealing with a changing body image it can affect how you feel in yourself and towards others.

People close to you such as family and friends will give you compliments as will colleagues and other people you see regularly. People you don't see often will likely be the most surprised at your transformation as changes will be bigger. It can be difficult to accept compliments from others, especially if they've never been forthcoming in the past. A fat person doesn't normally get compliments on their appearance.

Compliments will most likely improve your self confidence but this can take a while if you've had low self esteem for some time. Your emotional self takes longer to adapt to changes than your body.

The stark reality for some that lose large amounts of weight is it can affect their relationships. We all slowly change over time and in relationships we do this together. However, when one partner changes their lifestyle drastically, this can have a negative effect on the relationship. Not only is your body changing, your outlook often does too. The things you want to do in life suddenly get accelerated in the new you. If your partner is fundamentally happy with their lifestyle it can be hard for them to adapt at the same rate. This can bring emotional strain on your relationship. On the flip side, this can also have massive benefit to your relationship and bring you closer together. Dramatic weight loss can also improve your sex life.

There is no written rule for how weight loss will affect your relationships so be aware of what may happen either positive or negative.

Do you have any experiences related to this? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. Learn to be gracious accepting compliments. When I first started getting them I either denied they were justified or got a little too self important. My wife reminded me that a smile and a sincere "thank you" are enough. Let the friend who offered the compliment steer the conversation. If they ask, feel free to share how you did it, but don't go overboard. I did and embarrassed myself a couple of times.

    But everyone going through this should also remember, these unexpected side effects of weight loss, are very good "problems" to have!


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