Cycle Show appearance

I made my national TV debut this week when ITV4's The Cycle Show featured my story.

I went to London last Thursday straight from finishing my National 3 Peaks climbing challenge. Still aching I arrived just in time for filming at the Red Bull Studios.

The production team explained the format and I waited for the interviews before mine to finish.

When it was my turn, the audience got to watch my video before I sat down for my interview with Graham Little. I was a little nervous and you can probably tell. Graham's interview style is very conversational and not at all scripted.

After that I got to watch the rest of the show being made including the 100mph bike feature and the Rollapaluza race between Magnus Backstedt and Alex Dowsett.

If you missed the show and would like to watch it courtesy of ITV Player visit,

Red Bull logo make from bike parts

Behind the scenes

Me with Alex Dowsett and Magnus Backstedt


  1. I was in the audience for this (the one wearing the London Paris jersey). Your story was inspiring. So really proud of you. Wanted to meet you but hadn't a clue what you looked like as I could only see the back of your head!

  2. oh wow - have it taped- will have to watch this!!! Well done, how fantastic!!! (did you put a word in for me?!!!)


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