The secrets to safe cycling

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We have written a number of posts on safe cycling here on London Cyclist (7 mistakes you are making with your cycling and How to make your next bike ride safer than the last) and I’m glad to say they are always popular reads. This proves to me that you guys are interested in doing what you can to improve your safety on the roads. However, we have yet to provide things in an infographic, which potentially makes the tips easier to follow. Today, we’ve partnered up with Access Legal to bring you the below graphic. If you think your Twitter followers/Facebook friends/Redditors or Pintrest Amigos will find it of interest, share it around. You are also welcome to print it out (on the company printer when no one is looking) and pin in on an announcement board at work!

Cycle Safety Tips – An infographic by the team at Access Legal.

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  1. Nice one Toby, however blind spot does not account for our beloved Wiggins and support Sky car not being seen - how much of an entourage do we need?

    However, having said that, it does highlight one aspect of safety in numbers - a big group of bikes more likely to be seen than solo.

    If you do have a close call, remember to log it with CTC -

    A change in the law also would not go amiss- on the continent if a cyclist is knocked off, the driver is automatically to blame (unless they prove otherwise) - in UK this is not the case. In fact - compare the number of cyclist related incidents abroad - does this still conform to the blind spot theory?


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