London to Brighton bike ride 2012

On Sunday I took part in the BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride. The ride is in its 37th year and it's my 3rd consecutive year taking part.

As you may already know, the British Heart Foundation is a charity that I regularly raise money for as it's an important cause that's close to my heart. This year they got in touch as they heard my story and wanted to feature me as a case study.

In the run up to the event, they sent me an event t-shirt and arranged interviews with the media. The day before the event I was interviewed on BBC Radio Sussex. You can listen to that interview below.

Come Sunday, I was prepared for the event, but not early start. This year I had to get up at 3.45am! I arrived at the start a little later than expected and headed for the media tent. I bypassed the mass start queues and had a couple of photos taken for publicity.

BHF London to Brighton bike ride supported by Santander 2012
Having bypassed the start I waited for my colleagues, who were also taking part, to cross the start line too.

The first few miles through London were quite slow and it wasn't until we reached the suburbs that the speed increased. I had to stop for a wee at the first official rest stop. Not sure why though as I'd not drunk anything yet.

The ride was fairly incident free and we only stopped as and when to eat food or top up our drink bottles.

Ditchling Beacon loomed in the distance and when I got there I was slightly apprehensive. The nice new road surface made for easy riding but the gradient was a tough challenge as always. On the way up someone shouted my name. It was one of my Twitter followers, @ir_emery, walking with his bike. Once I got to the top I waited for him, and my colleague I was riding with, to catch up. It appears I got up the Beacon 28 secs faster than last year.

The run down into Brighton, off the Beacon, was fast. My top speed was 47.8mph.

The final stretch to the pier was split by many sets of traffic lights, each dividing up the riders before we entered the sprint along Madeira Drive. I'd phoned the BHF beforehand as they had a cameraman waiting to film me crossing the line. I gave him a nod as I crossed so he knew it was me.

I collected my medal and went into the media enclosure. I was then fitted with a radio microphone before doing a piece to camera. After a few more publicity photos we were granted access to the VIP enclosure where we were treated to free food and drink. A nice end to another enjoyable London to Brighton.

This ride was the 3rd of 6 events I'm doing this year to raise money for the BHF. If you want to sponsor me, even if it's just a couple of quid, then I would be very grateful. Visit Alternatively, you can donate by text. Just text 'TOBY80 £2' to 70070. Feel free to change the amount if you want to donate more by text.

BHF London to Brighton bike ride supported by Santander 2012


  1. Just had a read, great effort! (@boarderstu)

  2. Well done, had to pull out of this year as I just wasn't ready for it. BUT I've used that experience, and your blog amongst others to start my own journey, after over a year as a follower of yours. I hope I can emulate your success!

  3. Hi. Just to let you know I have included your Blog on my listing of UK Cylce Blogs which you can see by using the link here I continue to follow and enjoy your blog and hope to hear more from you soon.


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