21 stone to triathlete

A year ago after losing almost 8 stone in the previous year, I was challenged to a triathlon. There was a dread of fear as not only did I have to learn how to run, I also had to learn how to swim. OK, so I could run and swim but, these are not things that came to me naturally. I'd not run since I was a kid and not swum properly since I was about 10 years old. I had no technique and my biggest fear was failure (or maybe drowning).

A colleague and good friend of mine got me some swimming coaching with Team Bodyworks XTC, a triathlon club I'm now a member of. I also started the NHS Couch to 5K running programme.

I've put together this video to remind people of what is possible.

The only thing stopping you is YOU!

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  1. Nice video...

    But don't forget there is one thing stopping us!

    Velomanti Rule 42!



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