Stats for April

I'm still taking part in the #12xIronMan challenge set by Gareth Rowbotham. The challenge is to complete the distance of an IronMan triathlon every month in 2012. That's 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling and 26.2 miles of running. Swimming and cycling the required amount is no problem. Running a marathon in a month is about my limit at the moment.

I completed it again in April, so I'm really pleased.

Here's my stats for the month;

Swimming: 5.32 miles
Cycling: 358.92 miles
Running: 26.46 miles

I also took part in #30daysofbiking. I failed to complete it by missing one day. Not of out of choice though. I just totally forgot. I still cycled for 29 days in April though.


  1. Good work fella. We were almost dead level on the swimming and I managed a few more miles running than you...

    But I am dead jealous of the bike miles you keep getting in!

    I wouldn't worry about missing one day in April, having done 350+ miles!

  2. Well done for your April stats Toby....
    I was a bit down on my mileage for the month but hope to redress that during May....



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