Cycle to work scheme saved my life

Two years ago today I rode part of my commute for the first time. It was only 1.2 miles of my 10 mile commute and it was tough, really tough! As you will know, I now cycle the full distance and back again, every day.

I've put a video together to tell my story.

Thanks to Mark Tearle (@_BLIXA_) for helping with the filming.


  1. Nice video....

    Well done dude :-)

  2. Incredible journey. Great video Toby.

  3. Great story and a good video to tell the story...well done Toby. I am sure that you are an inspiration for lots of overweight people.....


  4. Great video Toby.

    Like the way its filmed and edited to tell your story!

    Very professional!

  5. Well done Toby and what a great video!

    Based on the motivation your story gave me, i too am at my 1 year aniversary . . and I have lost over 3 stone, completed a couple of 100K rides, regually do 50 mile runs, and do 20 miles most days on my commute.

    Thank you sir, for the ongoing inspiration . .

    Plans for this year, my first century ride and coast to coast in July!



  6. Awesome video (and of course story)!

    Nice commute you have too. Oh, and the orange bike is still lovely.

    Matt & I are going to come annoy you soon.

  7. Good stuff dude! Looks like you've got a very nice ride to work to enjoy.

  8. Inspirational stuff Toby. Well done

  9. Well done keep it going
    What's next lejog

  10. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement. What an incredible journey for body and mind. Chapeau.

  11. Thanks for all the comments guys.

    I never expected I'd ever inspire others to follow in my footsteps. To inspire just one person to change their life for the better humbles me.

    My story seems to have touched many. I'm glad it has but wasn't expecting it.

    If I can offer help or advice for people in the same situation I was, just ask.

    It's onwards and upwards for me now. I'm pushing myself to find out what I'm capable of. I didn't expect I could do 10% of what I've achieved. If you don't push yourself, you'll never know.

  12. exciting, gratifying, painful. Your words from your vid diary. Brilliant descovery for you - the bike, keep the wheels turning, those 3 words are true. Winston

    P.S. Hey, have a look at for a next challenge maybe?

  13. WOW! Toby, what an amazing, inspiring accomplishment! Congrats to you! I've got 20 more pounds to lose (for a total of 80 lbs lost) and just started biking one month ago. Your video motivated me to start pushing harder on my daily rides. Thanks very much for sharing this video.

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed that, nice work that man!

  15. Live here in the States and wish I could ride to work like you. We don't have any such program, and motorists are likely to have road rage at cyclists. Once I had a truck of teens honk and scream and swerve at me when I rode a few miles up the road. It's dangerous here and the roads are extremely crowded. I truly wish that the govt would do more and that motorists would be a bit more understanding. Maybe one day it'll happen, but until then I'll just keep on wishing. Congrats on your weight-loss, you look marvelous!!!

  16. Just watched your story for the first time. Well done fella. Great that you have kept it up. You're gonna' smash your 6000 mile target for 2013. Pedal on and enjoy your rides.


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