Starting my winter training programme

This week I've started a specific training schedule to improve my fitness. I've consulted with my sports coach and he's given me a schedule that we will review in six weeks time.

Having started using my heart rate monitor again recently I noticed two things. Firstly, I was regularly riding my bike in hear rate zone 1 or lower. Secondly, when running, I was regularly at the top of zone 3. Both of these are inefficient for the type of activity and I should be trying to stay in zone 2 for training.

Because it takes at least six weeks for your body to make physiological changes to heart rate training, that's why we will review my training schedule in six weeks.

So my training programme is as follows;

  • 10 mile bicycle commute twice a day, five times a week in zone 2.
  • 30 minutes jog in zone 2, 2-3 times a week increasing time by 10% per week.
  • 1 hour coached swim once a week
  • 1 long multi-zone ride per week permissible
  • 1 total rest day per week either Saturday or Sunday


  1. I'll be looking forward to reading about your progress and how well you feel it's helping you.

    How did you go about calculating your heart rate zones?

  2. I used the zones as mentioned in a previous article of mine.

  3. Looks like your setting yourself up for a nice Triathlon season next year. Any races planned?

  4. I plan to do at least two triathlons next year. Depending on the calendar I might do a few more.


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