Sussex surgeon calls for more help for obese

10:30am Thursday 20th October 2011

A SURGEON is calling for more to be done to help people who are dangerously overweight.
Sussex weight-loss surgeon Guy Slater said the Government’s campaign to tackle obesity did not take into account those who were so seriously overweight they had reached the point of no return.
He said: “The basic idea of telling people to eat less and do more exercise is an obvious one but that is not going to help everyone.
“I am seeing people who have a serious problem and simply telling them not to eat is not the answer.
“They are the ones that need extra help and support and in some cases that may mean a gastric band operation.
“I would love to find a non-surgical treatment but sometimes it really is the only option and it can transform lives.
Mr Slater, who works at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester and for private company Streamline Surgical, said there should also be a debate on introducing a tax on junk food.
He said: “It is not fair to increase the cost of a shopping basket at this time. But when tax was increased on a sugar based drink in the US, people drank it less.”


  1. I think you, Clive and I are all examples that contradict the good doctor's theory that exercise more, eat less won't help the morbidly obese.

    Obviously we've never met in person but we've all described a similar path here in our blogs from very severe obesity to much fitter selves through diet and exercise.

    I believe the Doc is right in that such path won't work for EVERYONE, but I also think too many resort to surgery or other paths before giving it a proper effort.


  2. My point exactly Mike. People often look for the easy way out. They want quick fixes. I think doctors are too quick to offer them what they want. It's going to take a lot of hard work but you can get there without it.


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