Pier to pier to pier mark II

On Saturday I rode from Hastings Pier to Brighton Pier via Eastbourne Pier for the second time. However, unlike the last time I rode it, this time, I rode back too.

I put the bike in the car and drove to my mate Phil's house again. We set off earlier this time (8am) as we were riding back rather than getting the train. There was a light head wind but that was not a problem as we would benefit from the tail wind on the return journey.

Unlike last time, we were going to take the main roads were possible as the National Cycle Route tends to go on unmade roads in a couple of places. This made the ride faster.

The few tough hills on the way to Brighton were tougher than they were on the when I did the same ride last time. However, Phil was faster than last time as he was coming up them soon after me.

When we got to Brighton we went had a coffee and a rest followed by battered sausage and chips.

I quite like Brighton and am hardly ever surprised by quirky people there. However I was taken aback by the Japanese girls that wanted their photo taken with us, the German drunk Hells Angel that liked my bike and the number of people taking part in a charity run in their bikini!

After lunch we headed back. The ride seemed quicker and the hills easier. All except for Exceat. This was tough for both of us. There's nowhere to stop so you have to keep going until you reach Friston Pond. You're also aware that big vehicles often get held up behind you as they can't easily overtake.

Just as we got back into Hastings, the heavens opened. My lovely clean fair weather bike was getting soaked so I put the hammer down and sprinted the last bit. I hit just over 25mph on the flat!

A good ride and a total of 77.83 miles brining my total for the week to 177.67 miles and completing Phill's #aug100.

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  1. Brilliant stuff Toby and you cracked the #Aug100 in no time!


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