Goodwood Cycle Ride

On Sunday I took part in the Goodwood Cycle Ride for the British Heart Foundation. I was also joined by my wife and two kids.

The ride was one of three I planned to do this year to raise money for the BHF and because of its off road setting, my family was able to join me. I'm a big fan of motor racing and have been to Goodwood many times. I've been around the circuit as a passenger in a car and even in a tractor but never with my own vehicle.

My original intention was to do 21 laps of the 2.4 mile motor racing circuit so I would ride a minimum of 50 miles. I managed the 21 laps but they were harder than expected. I think it was due to the combination of heat and wind. Half the lap was into a head wind and the wind got stronger throughout the day.

My youngest son (7) wanted to do 5 laps and finished doing 9. My wife wanted to do 12 and finished doing 10 and my eldest (11) wanted to do 12 laps and did 12. I'm impressed with their efforts and helping me raise money for such a good cause. We all got a medal and a certificate for our efforts and it was a nice day out.

If you would like to donate some money for our efforts, however small, please visit Thank you.

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