The Pasty Ride

Saturday saw me take part in the second annual pasty ride.

Rafe fixing his puncture
The pasty ride was to be ridden by fellow bloggers and internet personalities that are Matt, Rafe, John, Clive and Pete. I was really looking forward to meeting Clive but unfortunately he couldn't make the ride due to his wife being ill :-(

The start point for the ride was Rafe's House. I had the furthest distance to travel. 150 miles. I left at 7am and got there for the planned start time of 10am. When I got there John and Matt were already drinking tea. I joined them by having a coffee and talking bikes whilst we waited for Pete to turn up. When Pete turned up we talked some more while he had a brew.

Cock up farm house
Not long after we left on our ride, Rafe got a puncture. Matt, Pete and I watched on as Rafe showed us how tough he was by not using tyre levers but had to get John to help him to speed things up :-)

About 15 miles into the ride we saw a sign that clearly had an extra letter put in by mistake so I had to correct it and take a photo. Shortly after we noticed the village had a speed indicator sign. We all had a go to see how fast we could register in the short sprint from where we were. Matt managed 19mph. Me, John and Rafe managed 23mph and Pete managed 24mph.

The village of Bibury
A bit further down the road we stopped at the Trout Farm in Bibury for a nice cup of tea. This picturesque village was a nice stop.

The next stop was lunch in Cirencester. I had a nice Lamb and mint pasty followed by a coke at the pub. The others all had cider.

After our lunch stop we continued the ride following John on a different route to the one we had on our Garmin's. We avoided the main roads and managed to cut a chunk of the ride out.

Pete, Rafe and Matt
We left John a little later and continued on to the Cotswold Water Park for an ice cream. After getting back on the bikes we decided to add a few more miles to the planned route so we would finish the ride at 50 miles. I was feeling a little tired but the ride was flat and the scenery was great.

At the end of the ride we had another cuppa at Rafe's. I then followed Matt back to his house where I made use of his facilities before getting ready for a curry with both Matt and Rafe. The meal was good but it was late by the time we finished. The long drive home was quite tiring but well worth it!

Looking forward to riding with these guys again soon.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it, it was great to get the chance to ride with you. Great write up too! Cant wait for the return leg to the coast!

  2. Ditto...Looking forwards to a nice coastal ride :-)

  3. Nice write up Toby, I too was looking forward to meeting you in person even though weirdly I feel like I already know you!


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