London to Brighton preparation 2011

As some of you will know, I'm taking part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride on Sunday 19th June. The ride is in aid of the British Heart Foundation and 27,000 riders take part every year. I did it last year, one year earlier than planned, so this should have been my first go at it.

Depending on the weather, I will take my Rose bike if it's dry and the Allez if it's wet.

My day will start at 4.30am with the ride starting at 7.30am. I have compiled a list of things to take on the day. Should be a bit shorter than last year.

London to Brighton Checklist

Starting Pack
Inner tubes x 2
Pump with CO2 cartridges x2
Puncture repair patches
Tyre levers
Sun cream
Hand wipes
Drinks bottle x 2
Energy gels x 5
Energy drink powders x 2
Recovery drink powder x 1
Sun glasses
Waterproof jacket
Saddle Pack
SPD Shoes

For those of you interested in the route, I've plotted it on

If anyone wants to track my progress on the day they can courtesy of Google Latitude.

Just a final note about sponsorship. The ride is in aid of the British Heart Foundation. A charity devoted to the biggest killer in the UK - heart disease. My dad died from heart disease at the age of 55 so this ride is important to me. Please dig deep and sponsor me if you can at


  1. Wow that looks like quite a hill you have to climb at the end. Enjoy the ride.

    Glad to see "bike" on your checklist. I have a friend who drove nearly an hour to the start and then discovered.. yep.. when he called home wife confirmed it was still leaning against the wall in the garage.

  2. I tried to climb that hill (Ditchling Beacon) last year using my mtb and couldn't make it all the way up. This year I'm definitely fit and strong enough to do it although being able to get past the swarms of people also trying to get up there may be an issue.

    I do hope I remember my bike!


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