First week of May

After riding every day in April I'd decided to not ride the first two days of May. On 3rd May I needed the car for work so didn't get any riding in. 4th May I rode to work and back. 5th May was election day so I was woking from 7am-10pm and needed the car so no time for a ride. 6th May I took my Allez to the bike shop, Evolution Cycles, to have new headset bearings fitted and to remove the stubborn cleat bolts from my SPD shoes. I needed the car so another day without a ride. 7th May I was supposed to go on a ride with a friend but due to other commitments we both couldn't make it so I ended up watching the F1 qualifying instead.

All in all, the first 7 days of May saw me ride just one day. I'm not too bothered but, that is quite unusual for me.

On Sunday 8th I got a ride in the afternoon. I did the 28 mile route I've been doing recently via Hailsham, Rickney, Normans Bay and Eastbourne Pier.

Weight wise I've been doing OK. I'm currently 82.0kg. I've definitely not been trying as hard as I could but my life can't be a constant diet. I'm burning thousands of calories a week and been upping my intake slightly. I probably need to look at my exercise in more detail and see what I need to do to get to my ideal goal of 15% body fat. I no longer have a weight target as such and am not aiming for a target BMI. Instead I'm trying to reduce my body fat % by about 1% per month. I'll be checking my body fat once a month and the next measurement is due this week. I was 26.2% last month.

I've ridden my new bike over 100 miles now and am finding the saddle uncomfortable. I think I need one with a cut out as it often feels like there's too much pressure down below. Last week I bought some new, better fitting shorts from Aldi and they have made the saddle feel more comfortable but not enough. A colleague of mine has suggested a swap with a saddle of his which is the same as the one on my Allez which I do find a fairly good fit.

Whilst at Aldi I also bought a new cycling jersey. It's black and yellow and goes with my new bike. I almost look like a proper roadie now!


  1. A matching cycle gear.... :-)

  2. Matching cycle gear to your bike...just wrong on so many levels... :-(

  3. it's not

    me on sunday with the same Aldi top matching my black/white/yellow bike

    ;-) @j4m1eb

  4. My gear matches my bike, accidentally!!
    Aldi stuff is ace! Only thing this time round is they didn't have the knickers and they are ace!!
    I'm having seat trouble too :-/ so thinking of trying this one. #ebaymobile

  5. I think it's good when your gear matches.

    I do like the idea of the Selle SMP saddles. Mark Beaumont used a Selle SMP Pro on his round the world trip.

  6. It's not good, it just makes you look like a cyclist. And cyclists are quite possibly the worst dressed sports people in the world.

    Lycra, primary colours, advertising logos!

    I mean, c'mon...

  7. Ooh did he??!! Thanks for telling me that :-)
    I can't go to the 'night of adventure' gutted.

  8. Hi Toby, just read through your post. Well done on the weight loss front - you make my effort look feable! Your body fat % is now about same as mine - looking to burn a load more off on LEJOG in June.

  9. are you doing the London to Brighton night ride


  10. Neil - Cheers for that. Have you much to lose? Good luck with your LEJOG.

    Gary - Not really thought about it. I've been thinking about doing the L2B off road later this year.


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