500 mile month

I did it. March 2011 was my first 500 mile month. March 2010 was my first month back on a bike and in contrast I only managed 45 miles for the same month last year!

To get the 500 miles wasn't easy as I'd not realised it was possible until a couple of days ago. Yesterday I worked out that I would be 7.77 miles short by the time I got home so wanted to add the extra miles to my commute home. The ride home was not pleasant as there was a 20mph head wind with gusts of up to 45mph! However, I persevered. My best ever month is now 501.27 miles.

Today is the start of #30daysofbiking. I'm hoping for another 500 mile month. Maybe I can better it and hit 600?

EDIT: A short video below showing how windy it was. The reason the picture is shaky is because I couldn't hold the camera still in the wind!


  1. Am I right in thinking this is your first ever posted video?

  2. Nope. The last video I posted was here http://www.fatcyclerider.co.uk/2011/01/rollapaluza.html

  3. Wow, 500 is some mileage!
    30 days of cycling. think you can do it??

  4. Cheers.

    Of course I can do 30 days of cycling. I did 25/31 last month.


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