#30daysofbiking the movie

Starring me, @cobbleshock, @jfphillips62 and @_BLIXA_ (who also shot and edited it!)


  1. Very cool stuff - love it!

  2. What camera did you use... I fancy one of those bad lads! Never been into video technology so to speak is it easy to use & edit. I fancy getting more into video loging for my blogging... ;-)

  3. Looked darn fun.....Wish I could have been there....Apart from you really wouldn't have wanted the cold!

  4. Great footage from cliffs looking down at the ocean. Where is that?

  5. Cheers guys.

    Peter - It was shot by @_BLIXA_ on his Sony DSC-H7 SLR.

    Mike - It's Beachy Head looking out over the English Channel.

  6. I wouldn't recommend my method of filming, ever! It was fun but riding one handed most of the way was tricky! There's a right way and a wrong way and I tend to chose the most difficult depending on my limited resources :-) (wrong way).

    But, I managed to capture the moment, the beauty of the landscape and the camaraderie which is what I set out to do! We were so lucky with the weather.

    So glad that you all enjoyed it - worth the effort and I hope it encourages you all out on your bikes. Thank you.



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