#30daysofbiking day 2

Today was supposed to be a ride of up about 35 miles from Hastings pier, to Rye and back via Beckley, Staplecross and Westfield. I thought that the prospect of riding the 15 miles to Hastings and back again on top of the ride was OK. How wrong was I!

The ride was good with some decent climbs along the way. The weather was nice too with constant sunshine. After about 27 miles my backside was starting to hurt! A few stretches and adjustment to riding position made it better but it the discomfort didn't go away.

By the time we arrived back in Hastings, my legs were starting to ache a bit. The 15 miles back home were hard but I kept the cadence constant and thought about having a nice bath.

The ride total was 61.03 miles. I'll definitely be doing a short ride tomorrow.

The burned remains of Hastings Pier

Can you guess where this was?

ET with his arms ripped off!

Me - posing.

My mate Phil, posing at speed


  1. I know most of them roads and know how hard that is out of Rye to Top O The Hlll pub! Nice riding dude keep it up!

  2. Nice pics. No wonder your bum was hurting!!
    That seat looks torturous!!

  3. Cheers guys.

    Purpletrumpet - the seat is normally comfortable. It just wasn't on Saturday!


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