#30daysofbiking day 18

Today was just my commute to and from work but they were far from normal.

The ride in was a little detour as I had to drop a couple of blu-rays back to Blockbuster. Just over halfway into the ride I saw a proper roadie in full lycra and decided to give chase. It wasn't long and I got past him but I knew he was close behind. I didn't want to slow down and pushed hard for about 2 miles. He then came past and said, "thanks for the tow. I've got a long ride ahead of me". I was a bit gutted that I didn't drop him but maybe one day!

The ride home was different. I started with a high cadence and noticed it seemed a bit windy but couldn't tell which direction it was coming from. After about half a mile, I could tell the ride was quick. As the ride progressed the bike was working well and so were my legs. After about 2.5 miles I was peaking at around 24mph on the flat. The wind was confusing me as it seemed like it was behind because of the speed I was able to maintain but I could also feel it blustering at me.

By the time I saw a flag for reference I was about 6 miles into the ride and it was clearly a tailwind. I got held up only a few times and sprinted back up to speed every time I got slowed down.

The ride ended with an amazing 29m01s!!!! The first time I've ever done the 9.90 mile ride under 30 minutes and over 20mph average. Very pleased but also knackered when I got home.

I know, I know, not very exciting

This was the best picture i could take on the ride home as I didn't want to stop :-)

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