Smaller clothes

Last week I was pretty good food wise. Had sausage and chips from the chippy for dinner Friday night. Sunday was my sons' birthday party and I had no party food except some leftovers for dinner. I wasn't even tempted when the kids were tucking in at 3pm. I did have a small piece of birthday cake though.

I weighed myself today at Boots as my scales are busted. Good news is, I've not put on any weight since last week (14st 3lb) and my wife has bought some new scales today.

I bought myself a new pair of jeans yesterday. managed to fit into a pair of 36" waist ones. The 38" ones were too loose.

I did 83.38 miles on the bike last week. The weather was horrible. I would like to have done more cycling at the weekend but didn't have time or the inclination!


  1. Always a good feeling when you step down a size. Well done.

  2. Cheers guys. As it happens I have actually lost almost half a pound. I didn't look at the printout properly. I'm now 90.3kg.


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