A little progress

After feeling a little disappointed with the slow weight loss due to Christmas I decided I would push a bit harder last week.

I finished the week with 117 miles on the bike plus no treats except for KFC for dinner Saturday night as it was my son's birthday and he choose it.

My week consisted of porridge for breakfast, cous cous for lunch and a reasonable meal for dinner. I also had my protein shake after each ride and about 3-5 cups of tea or coffee. I weighed myself today and the result is a loss of 1.3kg (2.9lb). Really pleased to see the weight is coming down.

I am wondering whether the slowing down of weight loss is due to my body getting used to the exercise. Maybe I have to push myself further than before?


  1. Great weight loss. But I think its time to seek sponsorship for you couscous addiction.

  2. No, I need sponsorship for my cycling activities.


  3. Your muscle mass will be getting bigger so the weight loss will slow until thats developed.

    What protein shake are you drinking? A lot of protein shakes are aimed at people doing weights and not cardio, I woul suggest replacing with either Milk or a revovery drink ala Torq Recovery. I usually have milk with a milk shake mix and a quick tuna sandwich if I am cycling from home.

    3-5 cups of coffee AFTER cycling? Dude, this is BAD if so. Limit yourself to 3-5 a DAY.

    Youre doing well though man :) KUTGW

  4. Martin,

    I'm using a cheapo protein shake from Argos of all places at the moment. I was previously using one from Holland and Barrett. The reason for the extra protein intake is that with the reduced calorie intake I'm not getting enough protein in my diet and I'm also doing upper body weights every other day.

    It's only 3-5 cups of tea or coffee a day.

  5. Hi Toby

    Well done on the weightloss and being able to push on!
    Can I ask about the couscous affair?
    Do you make your own or are you buying it somewhere?
    As an IT bod stuck behind a desk I am trying to look for healthier lunch options.



  6. Thanks Simon.

    Someone in the office that was eating healthily suggested I might like to try cous cous. I have the Ainsley Harriott ones you can get in most supermarkets. Nice and easy to make and I can carry them to work on a Monday as they're not bulky.

    My tip is to add dried fruit to it, like sultanas, raisins etc. They rehydrate and make the cous cous better.

  7. Thanks for the info Toby, I have some of them on the shopping order for next week!


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