Below 14 stone

I now weigh 13st 10lb (87.5kg). This is important for me mentally that I've hit another one of my goals as it helps pick you up and keep you focused.

Last week was good for me food wise. On the cycling front I managed 155 miles. 57 of those were recreational and count towards Phill's #Feb100 (see rides below).

I've ordered some new wheels for my road bike. A pair of Shimano RS20s. They were £121.65 delivered from Merlin Cycles. I've also ordered a set of Aztec brake pads.

I think I need to replace the cables on the bike soon. I've struggled to get into the big ring so I think the cable has stretch and looking at the state of the rear brake cable, I think it's seen better days.


  1. Congrats on reaching another mile stone!

  2. Cheers Guys.

    I forgot to mention that my recreational rides were with Phil Dalton and Jean-Fran├žois Phillips. If I hadn't been able to ride with them then I wouldn't have got any miles in for the #Feb100

  3. Big congrats on the weight loss. When you finally reach another goal it gives you more of an incentive. What's the next goal?

  4. Thanks Martin. My next goal is to hit 7st lost (not far from that). Next is a BMI of 30. My other goals can be found at


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