Weights and toning

Not much cycling last week due to only having a 3 day working week. Just 58.87 miles.

I've been doing some upper body and core exercises all week and will continue to do these from now on. I've noticed that with my drastic calorie deficit I've lost a lot of upper body muscle that used to be there to cope with my 21st I was previously. After reading something Emma posted I realised that my protein intake was a bit low and with all I'm asking my muscles to do, I'm starving them of the fuel they need. I've started to supplement my diet accordingly. Hopefully I can increase muscle mass and reduce fat percentage.

I weighed myself this morning. I'm not sure if Christmas and New Year have caught up with me but I've had a noticeable gain. Currently 93.2kg versus 91.6kg last week. This week with be a full week of commuting so we'll see if things get back to normal.

Looking at where I need to be, I'm hoping to loose a few stone this year but ideally I'll be trying to find my ideal weight by fat percentage. I'm looking to get to 15% but may need to adjust this as things progress.

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