Slowly getting there

The weight loss continues slowly. I've noticed that I'm eating well within my calorie requirements but to be honest I think my portion control needs to be stricter.

For the last 3 weeks I've only ridden to work 4 days out of 5 and not at all at the weekends. That's only 80 miles per week.

My bathroom scales are busted so I weighed myself yesterday at my local boots. My weight was 91.8kg and body fat was 26.6kg (29%).

I'm doing an extra 20 miles on the bike tonight and will try hard to commute all 5 days. That means I should get 120 miles in. I plan to try for the 100 mile minimum each week.

Yesterday I cleaned both bikes. It's such a good feeling when you've taken the time to fully clean and prep a bike.

I've recently been looking at new wheels for my road bike. I've settled on Shimano RS20s. Fellow blogger Clive has them on his Giant road bike and gives them the thumbs up. Just have to wait until pay day to order them. I'll also order a new set of pads as mine have almost had it.

I've had my priority booking form through for the BHF London to Brighton bike ride in June. I'll be signing up tonight. Those that want to take part can sign up on 12th March. Details can be found at

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