Have I stalled?

After doing so well for the last 10 months I've stalled. It's been less than a month but it seems like ages. My weight was 91.6kg on 3rd Jan. A week later it was 93.3kg. A week later 92.3kg and yesterday, 92.2kg.

I'm not sure I should be worried though. Since 3rd Jan I've started to change my routine. I noticed two things. One, the lack of muscle in my upper body and two the lack of protein in my diet. Due to cutting down my calorie intake, I've automatically cut down the fat, protein and carbohydrate content in my diet. I also noticed that although my thighs are big and muscular they never feel strong. This is more than likely due to the workout I give them twice a day and the lack of protein for them to repair and recover. I decided that I would supplement my diet with 36g protein a day as I was only getting about 55g. I'm also weight training every other day, concentrating on my upper body.

I'm not sure if the weight training and extra protein intake are increasing my lean mass and therefore I'm not losing weight as much as before or whether it's something else. Next Sunday I will get my body fat % analysed again and see if it's gone down.

I'll keep doing what I'm doing until the end of February and see how things are going.


  1. Mate, I wouldn't sweat it, my record is 6 weeks at a static weight, as long as the trend is down it's all good I think.

    But what would I know?

  2. Toby

    I assume you're using a protein supplement; can I ask which one?


  3. Yes Dave, I am. I started by using the one Holland & Barrett. It tasted OK even when mixed with water. I'm now trying one from Argos because I could use Nectar points to make it cheaper. The chocolate one tastes great with water.


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