More winter preparation

I've started to get more kit for cycling this winter but I'm still a way off.

Here's some of the new stuff I have;

  • long sleeve cycling jerseys
  • woolly gloves to put over my fingerless gloves
  • thermal socks
  • padded winter cycling trousers (leggings)
  • a high-viz waterproof jacket (kindly donated by Emma)
  • a buff (free with Cycling Plus magazine)
  • Continental Ultra Gatorskin winter tyres
I have to admit that I still need a few bits and pieces and what works for me won't be the same for others. My fingers get cold straight away but warm up quite quickly so I tend to still use my fingerless gloves. The buff is only a necessity if it's really cold. Only a t-shirt is required under the high-viz jacket as I sweat like a bastard with it on. Thermal socks aren't warm enough, even with two pairs so I need to get some overshoes. Hopefully I'll get less punctures with the new tyres, but this is the first day of running them. I still need a better front light but it looks like I need to spend a minimum of £50.

Winter cycling is expensive, even if you find ways of doing it cheap!

On a different note, today was my fortnightly weigh in. I'm doing really well. I've lost another 2.3kg and am now the right side of 15 stone weighing in at 14st 12lb 13oz (94.7kg) :-)


  1. Be interesting to see how you get on with the tyres.

    What do you need the light for? If you want to light up the road then you will definitely need to spend some cash.

  2. Unfortunately I have found to get 'the' light and the duration you are still about £150 off..Although my home made helmet light (3 torches) does get close!

    For clothing you need layers...I find the issue I have is when I stop I instantly freeze, so I have to keep going! A friend of mine swears by a newspaper shoved under the front of the jersey :-)

    Last winter taught me the worth of plastic bag's! I wore Sealskinz, Summer cycling shoes, Carrier bag's and then overshoes...The bags function as the best windstopper on the planet :-) This year I am trying flea bay winter shoes...The seam to do the trick - There are no air vents in them so no wind chill!

    Its a shame you missed all of the Aldi/Lidl cheapo thermal stuff, It works quite well :-)

    As the temperature drops you really must make sure your knees are protected - otherwise you may run into problems...

    Best advice on the tyres front is keep them pumped up (110psi) and avoid the road edges and the gravel, flint will cut through the tyre like a hot knife through butter, puncture resistant band or not!

  3. There are still some thermals at my local Aldi. I got some more this sunday. they are really good.

  4. That high viz is definitely NOT made out of breathable material.

  5. Trial and error mate. You'll soon work out what's best for you. The thing is to carry on and not let the conditions win.

    Using the canal towpath is probably the best testing lab for kit on the planet. Dust, mud, ice, tree debris after a gale etc. If kit (and I include bikes in this) can stand that and you're reasonably warm and dry then you're there or there abouts.

    Oh, and for the love of God FIT MUDGUARDS!!!!!

  6. this is a good value light bike shops around here a charging between £100 &£150 for the same thing

  7. Dave - I need the light to see a bit better on some unlit sections of my commute.

    John - I need the light to last no more than 40 mins a day flashing and 40 mins a day on full.

    I have and can still get cheap thermal base layers in my local Sports Direct.

    Carrier bags? On top of all of what you suggest it's take me forever to get ready to ride the bike!

    You're definitely right about the knees. On some of the really cold days so fat I've noticed my knees have been a bit stiff.

    On the tyres front, I've been keeping them at 100psi but I can't even do that now as my Aldi track pump just broke and I can't find the receipt. I need to find £25 to buy a decent replacement. The downside is all my spare cash goes into cycling and I have none left!!

    Emma - The jacket is amazing for keeping you warm, even when you don't want to be!

    Clive - Spot on about trial and error. With the Jacket Emma gave me I only need a t-shirt underneath and my thermal base layer top is currently redundant!

    I was thinking I need mudguards as my saddle has a cut out and when it rains my crotch gets wet. Are the Crud Racer ones you have any good?

    Anonymous - That's the light I was thinking of getting. The reviews are mostly very good.

  8. The Crud Racer mud guards are very good. I struggled to fit them, but it all improved when I asked a man to look at it.

    I got the bontrager track pump (, it's really good and under 20 quid.

  9. I've rated the crud kit on my road bike. They seem to work fine. Also the customer service via their website is excellent!

  10. Emma - That's the pump I added to my Amazon Wish List a couple of weeks ago. It's £21.99 but with money so tight at the moment I can't even see Santa bringing me one :-(

    Clive - I'll add a set to my wish list!


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