A late update

I realise I've not posted anything about my progress for a couple of weeks. I've not been that busy but I have still been cycling and loosing weight.

I had my new winter tyres fitted and my first week of commuting with them was going well. I was a little worried at times as I'd not managed to get more than about 65psi in them as my track pump had broken. On Friday I hit a pot hole in the dark and got two pinch punctures. I was only carrying one spare tube so hoped I could repair one and replace the other. The repair didn't work so I thought I would have to walk home. I managed to get a lift in the end.

Because I didn't have enough tubes to replace both on the bike and carry two spares with me the following week, I rode my mountain bike from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday I rode my road bike again and realised how much I'd missed it. I really prefer my road bike for the commute.

Food wise I've had a few treats here and there but I think that the cold and dark is making me want to eat and sleep more. However, Monday 29th was my fortnightly weigh in. I've lost another 1.8lb (0.8kg) and am now only 0.5lb away from losing 6 stone since I started back in March.

Monday was snowing so I took the mountain bike again. Even the icy parts of my commute weren't too bad and riding in the snow has so far been no problems. The cold gets to me a little. My upper body is always warm enough but my feet and legs get a bit cold even with two layers.

Today is the last day of November. I've cycled more commuting miles this month than any month so far. Stats to follow.


  1. I've never had any trouble (with grip) riding in the snow. The trouble comes when the snow gets compacted under foot and then turns to ice.

  2. sweet heavens mate haven't been on here in ages but the photo says it all - you've lost a bundle! Probably as much as I have put on... :( I need to get back to it and reopen my blog!! Congrats

  3. Red & Clive - Cheers.

    Peter - Cheers. I wondered where you'd gone.


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