It's my birthday

Today is my 32nd birthday.

For some people, you look back on the previous year and think to yourself, "what have I achieved in the past year?". Well as you know, I have achieved a hell of a lot and I only started back in March.

In the last 12 months, the heaviest I weighed was 21st 1lb 3oz. I now weigh 15st 2lb 8oz. That's a loss of 5st 12lb 11oz!

In the last 12 months I've cycled a total of 2,630 miles.

In the last 12 months my body has changed and I'm now able to buy clothes in normal high street shops and can buy certain clothes without an X in the size.

Then50"48" 30"18.5"
Now43" 41" 26"15.5"

I've been good today and had one slice of cake and will have no alcohol either! The weather wasn't great today so couldn't have a nice leisurely birthday ride :-(

Here's to the next 12 months.


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