My first puncture

Last night on my way home I got my first puncture. The tyre had an obvious cut in it and was leaking air. I turned the bike over, whipped the tyre off, then the inner tube and proceeded to put a new tube in. A car pulled up behind me and the driver asked if I wanted a lift. It was a colleague from work. I declined and carried on fitting the new tube and refitting the tyre. Once back together I pumped the tyre up and carried on my way. All this in 10 minutes.

I arrived at a friends house, where I was having dinner without problem. When I left later in the evening, I noticed my front tyre was flat. With poor light and no spare tube I decided to pump the front tyre up to see if it would hold air as I guessed it must have a slow puncture. It worked and I rode home.

Once home, I inspected the tyre to find about half a dozen minute shards of glass embedded in the tyre. I removed these but as it was late I decided against swapping out the tube. I'll take a closer look at the tyre tonight and make sure there is no glass left in it before replacing the tube.

My first ever puncture after 2,265 miles and I get two!

Think this tyre might need replacing.


  1. Just like buses mate.

    Oh, and welcome to my world...

  2. Yup, punctures are no fun but it's easy enough to swap the tube and pump up - a bit unpleasant if it's raining at the time :-(

    1st puncture in over 2k miles is good, I went through a period last year of getting 2 or 3 a week. Kept checking the inside of the tyre and the fitting, but finally decided to run tubes a little softer (40 or 50 psi rather than 75psi) and that seemed to work :-s

  3. The tyre looks fine...(I would wat a bit of tread for the winter!) To heal the tyre...

    Either use rubber glue or super glue...let the air out of the tube, pinch the tyre to open the hole/cut squirt in the glue...leave it to set then pump the tyre up...

    Just had to do exactly that today fitting my winter tyres on my summer bike...

  4. Clive - I hope I'm lucky and don't get any buses :-)

    Dave - 40 or 50 psi? I'm running 100!

    John - Thanks for the tip about using glue. I glued the tyre as per your instructions. Hope it will hold.


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