London Cycle Show 2010

Yesterday I went to Earl's Court for the London Cycle Show. I met up with Les, the Moonwalking Bear and Adrian aka KingFooSausage and his son.

There were a variety of bikes from folding ones to triathlon time trial bikes and tandems to mountain bikes. The most expensive bike I saw was a Giant Trinity Tri bike which was £10,000. There was probably a few more expensive ones but these had no prices on them.

There was everything you could imagine under one roof. It was bike heaven.

One thing I liked was the ability to try the energy products. You could try gels, bars and drinks. It was easy to work out which ones tasted disgusting before buying. My favourite was the rhubarb and custard flavour gel from Torq.

Here's some of my pics.

Les and his accident!

Vin Cox's world record bike

My favourite bike


  1. Loads of stuff to drool over!! Wish I could have made it!

  2. I'll try next year. Probably a big saving vs all money spent on gels I can't stomach!

  3. Had a great day meeting up with you Adrian and Ben.

    Amount of gels energy bars and drinks we tried didn't really need lunch :-)

    So the Peugeot bike is your next purchase mate do you think it could be finished in pink lol

  4. Les has some cool lights you can put on the spokes too Toby :-)

    Was a great day meeting you guys topped off by a great exhibition. I still think we could have made it out of there with a few of them!

  5. Emma - It'll be nearer to next year as it's moving to the NEC.

    Les - It's you that wants your bike pink!

    Adrian - Les better keep his gay lights away from my bike!

  6. Brilliant. I am deffo going next year then.

  7. Me and her indoors had a great day at the show as well, I spent mostof my time drooling at some fantastic bikes, but there were so many it was hard to keep track of it all.

  8. Was the guy who fell 12ft or so, landed badly during the BMX show OK in the end?

  9. NEC? Cool, what dates? I'll get myself booked in.

  10. Didn't hear about a guy hurting himself performing at the show.

    The dates for next year are 30th Sep - 2nd Oct.


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