My first weight loss target

Today I start a challenge to lose weight. This will be my first weight loss target as such. Up until now I've only set weight targets without a date attached to them. This time I have to lose 35lb (15.9kg) in 6 months.

Fellow blogger Emma came up with the idea. She invited likewise individuals that are decently overweight to join her for this weight loss challenge. It's not a race. The nine of us taking part in the challenge will all help each other through the challenge. Emma has kindly set up our own private website so we can share and help each other, out of the public eye. Some find it difficult to talk about weight in public.

So I weighed myself this morning and was 16st 4lb 6oz (103.6kg) and by the end of March 2011 I hope to be 13st 11lb 6oz (87.7kg)!

I will keep you up to date with my progress as usual.


  1. Good luck Toby I have just read Emma's post I think it is a fantastic idea I wish all ten of you all the luck, I have no doubts you will all achieve your goals in the same way as the Sept 100 etc encourages us all to get out on our bikes.


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