Hill climbing

I wasn't going to post about this but I've changed my mind.

I wanted to get a ride in for the #sep100 challenge and for some reason thought it would be good to climb the biggest hill around here. Warren Hill, which is next to Beachy Head, is 530ft above sea level.

I'd picked the route in my head before going so knew it wouldn't be a long one but was more interested in tackling the hill than getting some distance. I also didn't have long as I wanted to be back for the F1.

Apart from the hill, most of the route is flat. I took my road bike and was cruising along nicely. The weather was perfect. As expected, the hill was tough and I was breathing like there was no air. I should have taken my heart rate monitor as I was probably hitting my max.

The bonus with going up a steep hill, is that you get to come back down again. On the down hill, I was slightly concerned about the road bike brakes so braked earlier than I needed to but I still managed my highest speed yet. 45.7 mph.

Take a look at the route below.


  1. Wow 45.7 mph is fast mate, but I know what you mean when your use to disc brakes.

    Looks a good ride Toby

  2. Thats a impressive little hill Toby, being a big lad they still kill me but that weight does have an advantage on the way down :-) be interested to see the HR next time. Well Done!

  3. Another sign of progress Tobes, or maybe you don't realise it?

    You're looking for hills! Well done mate you're flying!

  4. I like the look of that hill.

  5. Les - It wasn't that scary either!

    Unfitguy - They still kill me.

    Clive - Looking for hills? Must be mad eh? I guess it is progress. Looking for ride that challenge me and not just going for distance.

    Joby - Want to join me some time?

  6. That is an epic top speed, and a bit of a monster hill!


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