The first 6 months

6 months ago I hadn't ridden a bike for 15 years and was almost 21 stone. Cycling has changed my life in such a short period of time. Some would say it's become an obsession. To me, it's a way of life. Don't be fooled, you can't just cyle and loose the weight I have. You have to control your diet and change your habits.

I've had help from several people along the way including people online, who I've never actually met. However, you have to do the hard bit yourself. Strangely, the diet part has been easy. It was the cycling that was hard. The amount of effort it takes to get to a stage where cycling is no longer a chore, is immense.

Many people thought I would not do it and thought riding would be a fad. I like a challenge and I love proving people wrong. Take the piss they did, but it didn't last for long. The praise and recognition I've received from colleagues, friends and family has been incredible. It makes you continue when you sometimes think you don't have the energy. The little ego boost you get every time someone makes a positive comment makes you happier than you've ever known before.

I still realise I'm obese. I can't get away from that yet. I've got a long way to go yet and a lifetime ahead of me to stay that way.

Here are the stats so far;

Commuting miles: 1,133.50
Recreational miles: 759.71
Total miles: 1,893.21
Car miles reduced: 1,333.00
Total riding time: 177h 36m 43s
Average speed: 11mph
Maximum speed: 45.7mph
CO2 reduction: 507kg
Weight lost: 4st 7lb 1oz (28.6kg)
Calories burned: 220,500
Inches lost from waist: 4
Inches lost from thighs: 3
Bikes owned: 2
Charity bike rides ridden: 2
Time Trials ridden: 1

March 13th 2010

August 29th 2010


  1. I love your blog! Stumbled across here whilst looking for cycling blogs of people cycling to lose weight. I cannot wait for the day i can move back home to England and cycle through the country side (currently living in South Africa). Keep it up!

  2. "The amount of effort it takes to get to a stage where cycling is no longer a chore, is immense"

    I hate reading things like that.
    I'm just starting to build the mileage back up myself from having done absolutely nothing for the last 4 months. I'm so not looking forward to puffing and struggling up the hills again!

    max speed 45mph! - Wow,
    I don't think i've ever gone that quick on a MTB (or would want to!).

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Toby -

    The pics tell the tale. Well done.


  4. That same steely, determined grin from a different face in each picture. You've done a fantastic job Toby.

  5. Big Girl Slim - Thanks. Glad you're enjoying the blog.

    Red - You don't weigh 21st do you?

    Mike - Cheers. I thought it would be good to show the difference with the pics. I'm now getting comments from people that haven't seen me for a while.

    Phill - Thanks :-)


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