Achievements in August

I missed just over a weeks worth of cycling at the beginning of the month due to being on holiday. We've had quite a bit of heavy winds and rain so I've not been able to cycle as much as I've wanted to.

I managed to complete the #August150 that Phill set up and did almost 70 more miles than required.

I hit the target of 1,500 miles total cycling miles on 18th.

On 29th I completed the London to Hastings bike ride which saw me hit three of my targets, including 60 miles and 70 miles in a day.

My weight loss is still going well and on the 9th, I hit the 17 stone mark. That's 3 stone 10 lb lost. As of my last weigh in, in August, I've now lost 3st 13lb

Here are my stats for August.

Leisure miles: 219.31
Commuting miles: 175.72
Total miles: 395.03
Total time: 34:16:17
Average speed: 11.5mph
Car miles reduced: 190.70


  1. Some nice goals there. So whats the next challange?

    I wouldn't worry too much about missing a week. I always call missed weeks 'recovery weeks', because it sounds better ;)

  2. Well done Toby on ure goals and ure weight loss way to go mate

  3. Red - The next challenge is the Rother Boundary Ride with some of my colleagues. It was supposed to be happening in March 2010 for Sport Relief but with progress coming faster than ever expected, it'll probably happen in March 2011 for Comic Relief.

    The reason for mentioning about missing a week was so people could see why mileage was down.

    Les - Thanks.


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