Starting the London to Hastings bike ride

As many of you know, today I'm taking part in the inaugural London to
Hastings Bike Ride to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

After I completed the London to Brighton bike ride back in June, many of you
told me how you'd enjoyed being able to track my progress on the internet. This
Sunday, you'll be able to do the same. Just visit or see the map below.

I'm starting the ride at 8am from Crystal Palace and will finish the ride at
Grosvenor Gardens (TN38 0AE), Hastings.

If you feel like donating a couple of quid, you can do so at


  1. Good luck to you! Looks a good ride, hope the weather stays fine for you :)

  2. The organisers actually changed the route on the day. The route was increased to 70 miles, and avoided the A21 and bypassed battle through the back roads, with a huge amount of hills! It was a real mission!

    I've made a review of the event, including a few other people's blogs of this event, they are well worth a read.

  3. Thanks Matt.

    Thanks Radderz, I'll take a look. You might want to read my review in my latest blog post.

  4. Loved reading all your reviews of yesterdays ride. All true but hilarious to read.
    Me and my husband took part and it was bloody hard going. We had previously done the London to Southend and by comparison it made that look like a walk in the park.
    It seemed to us like at least 90% of the ride was up hill, many of which I walked up after the about the first 25 miles. Hubby thankfully stayed with me, talking to me constantly, his idea of distracting me from the pain I was in (couldn't answer him though as couldn't breath).
    We were at Burwash on our way to Brightling Point when it poured it down with rain so got soaked too!
    Have only ever done the London to Southend 2010 before and hubby due to the London to Brighton off-road in September 2010.
    We did finish eventually but not before 6.45pm after a massive 8 hours in the saddle!


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