The start of the #August150

Yesterday was my first ride in August as I've been away for  a week. It started with a ride with my 6 year old son thinking we might manage 5 miles or so. We were 6.5 miles from home when I decided we should head back as he'd have to cycle another 6.5 miles. On the way back we saw a horse by the side of the trail and he fed it some grass and stroked it. We got home having completed 13.12 miles. I am really pleased with him and he didn't complain once.

I'd arranged earlier in the week that I'd go for a ride with my brother Sunday evening. It was only 20 minutes after I got back from the ride with my son that my brother phoned me asking if I was ready for our ride. I met him about 3.5 miles up the road and we rode back towards his house after a small detour to a petrol station to pump his tyres up as they were a bit flat due to under use. I stopped at his for a cup of tea and then rode home. I finished the ride with 15.2 miles.

This morning was my fortnightly weigh in. I'm now 107.8kg (16st 13lb 11oz). I've now broken the 17 stone barrier having lost a total of 24kg (3st 10lb). Very pleased with that even with a week off and no exercise.


  1. My kids always surprise me with their range and endurance when I take them out biking. It's always great fun to ride with kids.

  2. I went out with my daughter last month (OK she's a little older at 15) and as she hadn't been out on the bike for ages I started low and we went for a couple of 3-4milers. Since then she's been out with her friends and they've done 33, 25 and 15, don't I feel a fool now :D

    Congratulations on the weight loss, just shows you're doing it the right way if it's still coming off when the exercise slows/stops :)

  3. My 10 year old son whinges when we ride and often doesn't listen but has ridden 28 miles with me before.

  4. Well done on the weight mate, you're cruising!

  5. Well done Toby on the weight loss that is brill matey, also well done to your six year old.

    You will easily crack the August 150 plus you got London to Hastings.

  6. Les, I forgot I can add the London to Hastings to the total. Only need to do 60 more miles this month then!


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