Am I mad?

Last week while on holiday I came up with the idea that I want to ride a real memorable cycling journey. The John o'Groats to Lands End came to mind. After reading the WeightyBiker's blog post about Land's End, I convinced myself I definitely want to do it.

At this stage I'm not sure of the how and when etc but I've set myself the target of starting the ride within the next 5 years. 874 miles. Maybe I'll do it in 10 days, maybe I'll do it in longer. Maybe I'll do it the other way around. All I know is I want to do it and I will do in within the next 5 years.

Any suggestions, tips etc would be welcome.


  1. The chap who is organising the letowertower ride did LEJOG last year (which is why we kept the Le I think). Anyway, yes you are mad. And yes, so am I. And I'm thinking this more and more as the blinking think gets closer! 90 odd miles per day :o!!!!

  2. Definitely NOT mad. I know I need a goal to keep pushing. I seem to recall you recently announced you were checking them off so fast you were running short of new goals, so it makes perfect sense to set a big one.

    I've not personally done a ride so big, so I've got little to offer in terms of suggestions. But I look forward to following your preparations for this one.

  3. Nope..not mad....

    You will enjoy it :-) Damn I want to do it again....

    I would definitely go John 'O to Lands End...may be unlucky with winds etc...but the mental down hill does the easier journey home when the job is done :-)

  4. Get yourself a road bike mate. Damn! did I just say that out loud?

  5. Whenever you plan to - I'll tag along.

  6. Thanks for the positive comments guys.

    Clive - I'm hoping to get one this month. Even if I don't, I will before I take on this challenge.

    Joby - You're welcome to tag along.

  7. Toby I don't think ure mad that would something to say you have done, I would love to do that but don't think I ever would be able to achieve it, and the way you jump into challenges your probably do it next year :-)

  8. Sounds like a great idea to me, go for it, while I and so many others, just daydream about doing it.


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