Just over 3 stone lost

This morning was my fortnightly weigh in. I was a little concerned I might not have lost that much as my mileage has gone down recently due to my rib injury. However, I was surprised to see a weight of 111.8kg (17st 8lb 8oz). This means I've now lost 20kg (3st 2lb 1oz). So I've reached another goal. Very pleased with that.

As for my ribs, they've got worse. Not sure if it has anything to do with the cycling but I woke on Thursday morning in more pain than previously and it's been the same since. I can ride the bike as I have today but it's not much fun. I believe I've separated the Intercostal muscles from between the ribs. Healing time can be up to 12 weeks but hope it will be sooner.

Because of the pain, I've not been able to get any extra miles in for Phill's #July150 :-(


  1. Congrats hitting your weight loss milestones.

    Sounds like a similar injury to one our club members here. His was caused in a bike fall and it's been a long slow recovery but he is back on the bike in his old form. I hope yours heal as well.

  2. Toby well done on the superb weight loss, speedy recovery from ure rib injury mate

  3. Well done, it's great isn't it when the weight starts to come off.

    As for your ribs, I feel your pain. My shoulder is still bothering me from falling off over a month ago. Just take it easy!

  4. Thanks for your comments guys. I need to get better soon as Les is already getting well ahead of me with the #july150 miles!

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss Toby
    Excellent mate.
    Hope you make a speedy recovery from your injury.

  6. Well done mate, 3 stone is rocking!

  7. We all hope you make a speedy recovery, but take your time mate. I overdid it and ended up needing 5 weeks off. Be careful Tobester.
    Cracking ews on the weight loss though, you can tell in the recent photos. I'm not gay though.


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