I won a cycling competition

OK, before I start, let me be completely honest. The competition was started by me and I bought the trophies, but I won it fair and square.

It all started back in March. I was new to cycling, very enthusiastic and wanted others to take part in cycling. I'd just benefited from my employers cycle to work scheme as had many others.

Having read some of the governments guidance on getting people interested in cycling, one method was to have an interdepartmental competition. I thought this would be a great idea and asked management if they would pay for a couple of trophies. They said no, but that didn't deter me. I started the competition on 1st April and let all staff know. The response was encouraging and we all started recording our mileage. You record your journeys over a mile, and at the end of each quarter, the individual and department with the most mileage wins.

When the competition started, my mileage for the previous month (my first riding the bike) was 46. After that, as those that follow my blog will know, my mileage exploded. In the first month of the competition I did 232.95 miles, in month two I did 304.53 miles and in month three I did 435.23 miles.

Well, not only did I win the competition as an individual, my department won too. I completed a total of 971.12 miles. My department completed a total of 2,319.55 miles.

I never thought I'd win it first time round but there you go, I did. Very pleased with myself as I managed almost twice the mileage of the person in second place. Maybe someone can take it off me.


  1. Congrats - your looking well too...

    You could have bought a bigger trophy!

  2. Cheers. I could have bought a bigger trophy but I had to pay for them. The department trophy is bigger and I helped win that too.

  3. Top man! Now give someone else a chance, yer bugger :)

  4. Well done Toby top cycling mate


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