First ride with bruised ribs

It's been 6 days without riding my bike since I hurt my ribs playing football. I couldn't wait to get back on the bike but part of me thought I should wait longer. My ribs hurt from time to time but mainly when bending, and lying down.

So after the kids went to bed, I got the bike out and went for a ride. I had no particular route but I wanted to keep to the local roads, in case I needed to get back quickly if my ribs started hurting. To start with the ride was good. Even riding up hills wasn't a problem. A few steep hills made me breathe a bit harder and faster which made the ribs hurt slightly. In the end I managed 7.28 miles could definitely have gone longer but the last section I did was a gravel trail and quite bumpy. This made constant jolts go through my ribs.

So I've now racked up some miles for Phill's #July150 and was confident that I could get back on the bike this morning for the commute into work.


  1. Erm - its July150 ;)

    And well done for getting on your bike mate with bruised ribs - I'd've done a Phill and found every excuse in the book not to ride.

  2. I was just seeing who would be the first to notice ;-)

  3. Take it easy, there's no rush.

  4. Well done mate, ribs can be a bastard, oh, and what about the July150 that Jobywoby has noticed that clearly I haven't?

  5. Well done for getting back on the bike so quick :-)

  6. Clive - I accidentally put july100.

    Christie - Thanks.


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