Achievements in June

The month of June was a busy one for me. It started off with Phill's #June100 challenge. At first I thought it was going to be easy but he soon dropped the bombshell that it was leisure miles only. I rose to the challenge and completed it with 200.38 miles.

I took part in the London to Brighton bike ride for the British Heart Foundation. When I got my bike, back in March, I'd told colleagues that were doing it this year that I would do it in 2011. Three months of riding later I agreed to take the place of one of my sick colleagues and completed the 54 mile ride in 6h20m.

I have broken some of my mileage targets for June, including ones I've set in the month of June.

Cycle 50 miles in 1 journey
Cycle 400 miles in a month
Cycle 700 miles overall
Cycle the equivalent of Lands End to John o' Groats (874 miles) overall
Cycle 1,000 miles overall

I also got down to 18 stone. One of my weight loss targets.

I've signed up to Phill's new challenge of the #July150. You guessed it - 150 leisure miles in July. Should be possible.

Before I leave you with my stats for the month, I'd better tell you about my injury. I was playing football last night with a group of friends and went in for a tackle. I ended up hitting the floor quite hard and suspect my elbow hit my rib cage as I now have incredibly painful ribs. A possible fractured rib, but more likely just a nasty bruising. Very painful but my affect my ability to cycle for a little while. D'oh!

All in all a very busy month. Here are my cycling stats.

Leisure miles: 200.38
Commuting miles: 234.85
Total miles: 435.25
Total time: 39:30:57
Average speed: 11.0mph
Car miles reduced: 269


  1. Yeah, it's been too easy for you! Excellent work, fella :)

  2. Thanks Phill. It's been easier than I thought it would be. Now with injured ribs from playing football, I might not be able to get much mileage in early on.

  3. Oooh, been there. Mine got a lot worse when I didn't rest. In the end, I took 5 weeks off exercise before they were better. That was after 3 weeks of making them worse by not resting. Be careful mate.

  4. Well done Toby I av got a lot of catching up to do

  5. Great June Toby your achievements have been excellent.

    Hope your injury doesn't keep you out of the saddle to long wishing you a very quick recovery mate


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