My first whole month riding

April was my first whole month riding. I started riding on March 13th and had taken it slowly, building up the miles gradually. I had no firm plans for April but the miles just grew and grew.

The month started with me continuing my 1.2 mile commute and 1.9 miles back, using the car for the rest of the journey. I then changed my ride and riding style to 3.1 miles each way. After a couple of weeks I ditched the car completely and split my journey with a train ride doing 3.9 miles each way. For the last week I upped my ride to just over 5 miles each way with the train filling the gap.

The riding has been hard at times but the mileage speaks for itself. I'm now doing a minimum commute of 50 miles per week and my months mileage, including recreational riding, has been higher than any of my colleagues, some of whom ride every day and are experienced cyclists.

Stats for April:
Commuting: 152.45 miles
Recreational: 80.50 miles
Total: 232.95 miles
Total time: 28:04:16
Avg Speed: 8.3mph

I've also smashed lots of my goals and lost a reasonable amount of weight.

Cycle 50 miles [02/04/2010]
Cycle 10 miles in 1 journey [05/04/2010]
Cycle 30 miles in 1 week [08/04/2010]
Cycle 50 miles in 1 week [11/04/2010]
Cycle 100 miles [11/04/2010]
Ride 6 miles a day to work for 1 week (3 miles each way) [16/04/2010]
Cycle 250 miles [28/04/2010]

I hit my first weight loss target of 125.2kg on 19th April and have lost about 4kg (9lb) this month.

As you can guess I'm very pleased with my first full month but things won't be this good every month. I'm going to ride the full 9.1 miles to work one day next week and my target is to ride this commute every day.


  1. Well done.....

    You will be amazed at what you can achieve!

  2. Cooking on gas Toby Old Bean! :-)

  3. Toby well done mate

    Good luck with ure full commute into work, you will soon be commuting every day

  4. Cheers guys. I over did it today but broke another goal! I'll post about it tomorrow.

  5. Well done, it is the start of good things to follow! the first full commute will be tough the first time but after you will wonder what the fuss was about!

  6. I do hope so Matt. I'm not too worried about 9.1 miles there and back. Not looking forward to the first full week of it though!

  7. Toby -

    Many congrats man, that's wonderful. You can expect great things for yourself as that weight keeps melting off. You'll feel great, your friends will start to notice and tell you that you look better. It's a real ego booster.

    Keep it up.


  8. Cheers Mike. I am getting a lots of positive comments from friends, family and colleagues on the amount I'm cycling and my weight loss. I go all embarrassed when they mention it but it's better than them not noticing at all!


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