My bike's first service

I went and picked my bike up from the bike shop at 5pm and the guy that bought my bike out asked the other guy in the shop what the price to pay was. The other guy said, "Nothing. It's free for the first service." I paused for a brief moment and blurted then out, "but I didn't buy the bike from here". They appreciated my honesty and said they would call me tomorrow once they have spoken to the store mechanic to find out how much time he'd spent on the bike. I could have said nothing and walked out of the shop but if I wanted to go back there and build a relationship with them, then I needed to be honest from the outset.

Whilst there I asked if they had a better bottle cage I could buy as mine was far too tight for my drinks bottles. They suggested a Specialized E cage 5.0 for £6.99 so I bought that.

My ride home wasn't much fun. It was cold and windy and my legs didn't seem to enjoy it much.

I'll wait for the call from them tomorrow and let you know the damage.


  1. Toby just curious why didn't you take back to where you bought it from for the free service

    It turned a bit cold tonight

  2. Fair play Toby, a rare commodity honesty like that these days I'm finding...

  3. I guess its just me - I guess I do a fair few miles but I like to keep my bike maintained myself..

    There is a sense of satisfaction after the weekly clean/check/service and also a degree of confidence that should something go awry on a long ride you know how to fix/bodge it :-)

    Also because I keep an eye on everything it is less likely that something will fail due to fatigue/lack of maintenance...although things do still go wrong from time to time!

  4. I took the bike to my local Specialized dealer as the company I got the bike from was by mail order in Wales. I would have liked to have got it from my local shop but my employers cycle to work scheme only uses 1 company.

    I can do basic maintenance but on a new bike I'd prefer it was check over by a pro.


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