The month of May

What a month May has been. A real busy one. Lots of miles and lots of goals smashed!

It started with my longest single ride yet. Almost 28 miles. A week later, I decided I was ready to ride the full commute to work and rode the 9.1 miles to work and felt good enough to ride the full distance home. I then had a weeks holiday before taking the big step of riding the full commute every day for a week. That week was a real challenge but I continued to do it the following week. It really has been a struggle but I've seen the rewards. I won some money from a colleague who, last August, said that they'd give me £20 if I could ride in every day for a week.

Now for my biggest achievement. As of today I have lost 15kg (2st 5lb 3oz) since I started on 1st March 2010. That's 1kg more than my bike weighs. When I lift my bike up, I can't believe that I was carrying that extra weight around every day.

I still have a long way to go but I know I can do it if I work hard.

Stats for May:
Commuting: 211.02 miles
Recreational: 93.51 miles
Total: 304.53 miles
Total time: 31:25:44
Avg Speed: 9.7mph

Mileage Goals Achieved in May
Cycle 25 miles in 1 journey [01/05/2010]
Ride 9.1 miles to work [07/05/2010]
Ride 9.1 miles to work followed by 9.1 miles home [07/05/2010]
Ride 9.1 miles to work and back 5 days a week [21/05/2010]
Cycle 100 miles in 1 week [21/05/2010]
Cycle 500 miles [25/05/2010]

Weight Goals Achieved in May
2nd Target 260lb 117.8kg 40.8 BMI - The weight of my bike lost [31/05/2010]


  1. Toby -

    Well Done!! You can look forward to so many great effects from the weight loss. Encounters with friends or family you normally see infrequently will be great for your ego when they complement your appearance. You'll also soon find yourself in need of some new clothing!

    Keep it up.


  2. Mike has it spot on. The compliments from people you see less often spur you on!

    Keep it up - we're all rooting for you.

  3. The compliments from family and colleagues is almost embarrassing at times but it really does make me feel good. I'm on the smallest hole of my belt so as you say, I will need to buy new clothes soon. The real bonus is I might be able to buy them in high street stores this time instead of fat shops!

  4. Chuffed to bits for you mate! That's a hell of a weight loss in a short space of time! :-)

  5. Clive - Other than the riding I haven't been as strict this month as in previous. The riding definitely helps.

    Peter - Thanks.

  6. Well done Toby a fantastic month of achievements

  7. aye, Wait till ya get ya first pair of hotpants!!!! maybe thats just me like...

  8. gowan man. If I can you can. How bout a thong??


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