Last ride for almost a week

My youngest son asked if we could go for a bike ride today before we go on holiday. As he's only just learned to ride without stabilisers it was going to be a very easy ride for me.

It was just me and my two sons going for the ride. We got to the park and headed round it in our usual clockwise direction. We were riding around at about 6mph and I thought we might have to stop a few times. We made it all the way round non-stop having covered 2.5 miles. The kids wanted to play in the park so I locked up their bikes and they played and I continued riding. I did another two laps at full speed. We then headed home. The ride finished with 7 miles.

Tonight I'm off to Camberley Theatre in Surrey to see Mark Beaumont, the Man Who Cycled the World. I'll post how it was tomorrow.

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