I'm on fire!

After 2 days of not riding, through no choice of my own, it was back to my commute to work. However, today was different. Today was the day I had decided to ride the full 9.1 miles.

I'd arranged to make the first full commute with a triathlete colleague of mine, who has been nothing but helpful and supportive the whole time I've been riding (and even before I got a bike). Our meeting point was outside the Heron pub in the village of Westham at 07:30 as it's on the route in for both of us. It was exactly 2 miles to the pub and I got there at 07:15. He arrived on time and told me to set the pace and he'd follow. The ride started well though I felt I had to keep the pace quite fast as I was conscious of slowing him down. I needn't worry though as he was happy to ride at my almost pedestrian pace! The ride is mostly flat and the pace was quite good although I had the usual niggles with numbing feet and arse!

Were possible he rode next to me and we chatted along the way, with him giving me advice on questions I had. We arrived at work by about 08:05 and I felt on top of the world. I was sweatier than usual but was very pleased with my (moving) time of 52 minutes and 25 seconds and average 10.4mph. I thanked him for the company and took my bike around to the back of the building as he wheeled his incredibly expensive bike inside (he keeps it in his office!).

Earlier in the week my new riding buddy (mentor, coach?) had indicated he might have to leave early on Friday so I would probably have to ride home by myself. I was not at all bothered by this as the milestone of the full commute was achieved.

The end of the day came and I got my stuff ready and got on the bike. There was a noticeable northerly breeze that was gusty at times but was a side wind most of the way, and along some stretches I was sheltered from it completely. As I progressed through sections of the commute I have done before, I immediately noticed my pace was good. I didn't need to drop as many gears for the inclines and my times were faster. I then wondered if I could keep this pace up. The wind started picking up but it was at my right-hand side most of the time and not in my face. My average speed was staying above 12 mph and I couldn't believe it. I struggled to keep the pace at times because of the same numbness issues as the morning but I didn't want to stop, I was on fire!!

As I got to the long incline just before home, my average speed was 12.4 mph and I knew I would loose time as I slowed down up the hill. I kept the pace up even though I was getting quite hot as I had my jacket on but I didn't want to stop to take it off as I knew it would throw my rhythm off. As I arrived home I stopped the GPS and took one final look. I'd done the 9 mile ride home in an incredible 44 minutes and 50 secs averaging 12mph. I was knackered, hot and sweaty but I was on top of the world. The feeling it gave me was just awesome. A natural high.

I now have a week of work so will not be doing that commute until a week Monday.

Ride in to work 52m25s

Ride home 44m59s


  1. Well done Toby ure so rite mate ure on fire, by the time I get bac cycling ure b streets ahead of me mate

    Enjoy ure week of mate

  2. Whoop whoop! Toby's on fire!!!!!!!!

  3. Absolutely fantastic mate - well done.

  4. Incidentally, your route looks a dream to ride - right next to the sea!

  5. Cheers, guys.

    Les - Do't worry, it's not a race. If a triathlete can ride at my pace I'm sure I can ride at yours (if you are actually slower than me!)

    Joby - Not only go I get to ride by the sea, I get to ride past a 2,000 year old Roman castle where William the Conqueror landed in 1066.

    Google Street View - Pevensey Castle

    Google Street View - Herbrand Walk beach


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