A good start to an easy week

Today was my fortnightly weigh in. After being a little naughty over the weekend with a night of curry and alcohol for the first time since I started I wasn't overly optimistic for any reasonable amount of weight loss. The scales showed 122kg (19st 2lb 15oz). A loss of 2.8kg (6lb 2oz). Well chuffed with that.

With this week not allowing for much cycling due to no bike tomorrow and election duty on Thursday and the following week no cycling for 5 days due to me going away on holiday I'm not overly optimistic on the weight loss but I'll do my best diet wise and hope to crack the high end of 18 stone.

For the last 3 or 4 days I've noticed my knees are hurting at the joint. I've started taking cod liver oil and hope that the reduced riding over the next fortnight will give them the rest they need.


  1. Use it as rest mate, enjoy your hols but don't take the piss with the grub (don't be food nazi either) and come back all guns firing!

  2. Well done Toby ure going great guns on all fronts

    Enjoy ure holiday mate

    I ordered the same pack from ZipVitSport thanx for the heads up mate

  3. Clive - thanks for the advice

    Les - Cheers, hope you enjoy your ZipVit pack.


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